Administration and specialists

Children in our care not only profit from outstanding education we provide to them, but they also enjoy spending their time in a friendly environment.

Our teachers constantly keep the parents up-to-date on the progress their children make. In addition, parents are provided on a monthly basis with a record card where the teacher makes key remarks about the child’s skills, behaviour and its favourite games & plays. Our teachers are assisted by students and graduates of higher teacher training schools, and benefit from support provided by a psychologist, a speech therapist, English teachers, native speakers and activity instructors.

Our teachers constantly improve their methodological skills and techniques, and participate on a regular basis in courses and training where they learn innovative methods of working with children.



pracownik1As I wished my daughter, Victoria, could attend a good private-owned kindergarten, I hit upon an idea to create such a place myself: a kindergarten that would arouse children’s curiosity, educate them, boost their self-esteem and develop a sense of empathy towards others. Victoria is now a schoolgirl, but her younger brother, Bruno, took her place in the kindergarten.
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I focus on a professional attitude to my work and my objective is to duly represent the kindergarten.
Working for Żyrafa is a new challenging experience for me. Cheerful children make me happy and I find my job very rewarding.




In our kindergarten she provides child-rearing counselling to the parents. She collaborates with our teachers by supporting their child-rearing and educational activity. She makes regular psychological observations of children in all groups.