Settling in

Settling in at the kindergarten may be quite stressful both to the children and their parents. That is why we offer two weeks’ settling in classes to children who start attending our kindergarten. Such classes give children an opportunity to get to know peers from their group and their teachers. For the parents, on the other hand, it is an opportunity to see for themselves high quality childcare in our kindergarten. Settling in classes are one-hour long and take place in the last two weeks of August just before a new school year starts. Settling in classes are free of charge.

Two trial days.

Child’s welfare is our priority. Therefore, we offer two free of charge trial days to children and their parents so that they could spend some time together in the kindergarten, see how the child is getting on with its peers and how it is doing in the kindergarten setting. At this time the child may fully participate in all kindergarten activities. If you are interested in the trial period, please contact the kindergarten secretary’s office directly or by phone.

For further information on the settling in period see our blog: Settling in at kindergarten